A Gift from Us to You

Because your happiness and wellbeing matters, here is a gift to help you keep up with the fast-pace of everyday life.

Free Gift - Being in The Flow

Join Alberto Villoldo, as he shares shamanic practices to keep you in the flow of our new daily ups and downs.

beginner courses

Your first steps into the world of shamanism.

The Wheels of Light

Learn to work withyour chakras in order to achieve physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Courageous Dreaming

Learn to dream your reality into being – the beginners course to manifestation.

The Shaman's Way of Healing

Your introduction to shamanic energy medicine and healing.

Seven Heavens - The Shaman's Toolbox

Learn about the shaman’s tools, both physical and spiritual.

Shamanic Journeying

Discover the meditation practice of the shamans.

Thanks to our online courses, you can learn remotely, at your own pace from any location.

Advanced courses

Deepen you knowledge of shamanic practices, rituals and concepts.

The Rites of the Munay Ki

Receive the initiations of ancient Andean tradition to awaken your love and vision.

Starting Sep 21st, 2022

Healing the Dark Side

Learn to work with and accept your dark side.

Grow a New Body

Discover how Spirit and powerful plant nutrients can transform your health.

Time Masters

Learn to break free from ordinary time and enter sacred infinity.

Reading the Signs of Destiny

Clear your personal past in order to source your life from your destiny.

We offer the most extensive courses in shamanism and energy medicine, who has helped thousands of students to lead successful lives and careers.

We offer the most extensive courses in shamanism and energy medicine, who has helped thousands of students to lead successful lives and careers.

Become a Shaman

Get your certification in shamanic practice, energy medicine and healing.

Online Energy Medicine

The most extensive and in-depth course in shamanic energy medicine and healing.

What people are saying about our courses

„A I have a greater sense of expanded awareness which has been amazingly freeing. I especially loved all the meditations Villoldo took us through. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to participate. It has created for me some amazing release of old baggage and a moving into a far deeper atonement then ever before.“

Participant of Courageous Dreaming

„The greatest thing I got out of it was how much truth I felt in everything I learned. It really resonated with me. There was such wonderful insight and new information I learned I really enjoyed it. It was very powerful being a part of his work and teachings. This is definitely the journey I am supposed to be on and will continue to follow.“

Participant of The Shaman’s Way of Healing

„This in-depth course propelled me forward along my spiritual path beyond my imagination. It was everything and more. What an amazing experience to be amongst such a beautiful Ayllu and to hold sacred space for one another. All teachers were amazing and supportive! I love the layout of the course over 11-weeks, and felt as though there was enough time to practice, integrate, and ask questions. My soul thanks you all dearly!“

Participant of The Rites of the Munay Ki

“ I’ve journeyed for a few years but it was amazing to be able to get to the other 5 levels of the upper world. It was also very powerful to learn about the wirracocha and to feel the energy it could bring. Truly amazing. But to top it off it was great to speak with Alberto on the video calls and for him to answer questions I had was amazing it’s not very often you get to speak with a man that has a vast knowledge of shamanism and whom you have his books also. This course has taught me so much in so little time . Thank you Alberto and the team for sharing your knowledge with us.“

Participant of Seven Heavens – The Shaman’s Toolbox

„It feels all so familiar to me as if somehow I already ‚know‘ what you are teaching. When I look back over my life, I can actually see and appreciate the gifts I have been given or brought with me – it provided a real epiphany to be truthful about the who and how of me and not in an individual capacity so much as in a community capacity. This sounds so vain and it is not – I can see why people feel so safe with me and loved at a really deep level. I needed to understand and appreciate this about myself so thank you because this course in particular has created that opportunity.“

Participant of Courageous Dreaming

„The course was so inspiring and empowering. I am using all the tools you gave us in my practice and as for myself, my life is transforming day by day, as my understanding for the teaching grows and I can embody it more and more. What I especially notice with myself is that my urge to be „in the right“ or to know how something works, seems to be melting like snow in the sun. Thank you from all my heart for all the treasures you have offered us and your heartfelt love.“

Participant of Healing the Dark Side